Sales Copywriting | Copywriting is all about defining the benefits
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Copywriting is all about defining the benefits

Copywriting is all about defining the benefits

Often I read copy that has been written as a list of features. What many Melbourne copywriters and real estate agents forget is that prospective buyers have already refined their home search by features.

On or buyers have picked their ideal suburbs, have selected how many bedrooms they are after and defined their price range.

To grab their attention once their initial search has hit their screens, they need to read exciting and clearly defined benefits.

They want to know why THIS house is the house for them.

They want to know if this property fulfils their dreams and needs.

Could they grab a cappuccino and meet up with friends around the corner?

Could they host amazing parties?

Could they renovate and turn it into their dream home?

The era of the features list is over so make sure that you’re not being left behind.